We are an off shoot of the main club run in the city of Bath.

Why Train?

If you have ever wanted to learn a martial art, but you have never known which one to choose or if you just want help your improving your level of fitness then this is the class for you. As we are a small club training can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Usual Questions

  1. I'm a beginner, is that OK?
    Yes the class is for complete beginners.
  2. I've trained in an other style, is that Ok?
    Yes that is also fine. The ARCS style is accommodating of other techniques and we are interested to see how your style may complement ours.
  3. What clothing or equipment do I need?
    To start with ordinary gym gear is fine and we have a set of boxing gloves & pads for you to use. As you train you will be expected to buy your own equipment.
  4. How much are classes?
    The first two classes are free. After that individual classes are £10 each or £30 for a block booking of 4 classes.

Text Bruce: 077-1314-7826

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19 July 2017


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